VLTOR® A5 Stainless Buffers - 7.97 OZ

Manufacturer: VLTOR
Manufacturer part number: A5SH2
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The VLTOR  tested A5 Buffer System is considered to be one the most beneficial upgrades to the AR platform  increasing the reliability, accuracy, and performance of AR pattern weapons. For the operator that requires a specially weighted buffer, or wants to fine tune their weapon.

These stainless steel bodied buffers offer five additional weight options to our original A5 buffer line up

NOTE: A5 buffers are only compatible with other VLTOR A5 buffer system components. The buffers themselves are longer than traditional carbine buffers, and they cannot be used in standard carbine receiver extensions.

t Control:
Many of VLTOR’s products are export controlled by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Shipments from VLTOR may contain products controlled by the U.S. DoS or the U.S. DoC. Export of such items may not be done without prior approval from the U.S. Government and VLTOR.

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